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Two Sides of the Coin (Demo Collection)

by Dave McPherson

Life House exclusive
The sweetest girl she has a lot on her plate. And everything she served I thanklessly ate. But I offered her nothing in return. Some men just wanna watch the whole world burn.  I'm no good at living the way you do. Every wall you build in front of me I will push straight through. I'm not saying I should but I just wish you could understand. I'm not something good, I'm something bad. I'm just something bad.  So let go of my hand, I shouldn't stay. I'm an imposter amongst your ways. I'm a bad actor at being good. There's a monster beneath this hood. And I'm so sorry. I don't want you to worry anymore. And this man's story holds no glory, just war.
Take It Slow 04:13
Confession long overdue. His sorrows drown in this flood. Could not get over you. You’re in his blood. He tried to help himself. Helped himself to too much. To choose yourself unwell makes an unsteady crutch. Drank his skin yellow. Stripped down to his bones. Sank down so far below the sea. And he is me. I just wish I could take it slow. So slow. Now the truth is out the way. Ruthless toothless shame. Bad men bathe in the darkest bays. The fall tastes so perfect until you hit rock bottom. Was it all worth it to become forgotten? Thank you all my friends for helping me to mend. In the end it’s you that I depend on. The time that I have spent & spent.
Fresh Fruit 03:18
It's okay, I'll be coming home soon. I'm no good at living the way I do. And I'll change, I think that I have found the way through. I mean it this time, mean it good & true.  A new bowl of fresh fruit. A clean slate & a brand new suit. A new heart rate that beats for you. Dig out the old dead roots. Served me love on a plate & all the food I thankfully ate.  A new bowl of fresh fruit. The spirals I spun went underground for miles. I gave into the trials upon these isles.  No more useless excuses now.  They're see through, they hold no water just doubt. 
I didn't mean to get that bad. Slippery slopes, so many chances that I've had. So bored of singing happy songs sad. My friend, you tried to wake me up. Cannons across canyons in the name of love. In the end I know this poison can't fill me up.  And there are so many people reaching out to me. Just by living they're teaching me how to be.  So many people helping me to be free.  I'm feeling pretty good right now but I know that Hyde can trick Jekyll somehow. Could you kill that part of you or just hide him for now? 
Fell from a great height & landed on my feet.  And I'm far from alright but I'm at home on this street. Treasure your company even if I miss the mark.  You're always there for me when I'm lost in the dark. And I’ll see you in the morning. See you in the morning. You know I’ll wait for you as you wait for me.  Your strength bewilders me, helps me see through my blindness. The demons I've built in me are no match for your kindness.  You are my guiding light, my map & my compass. My star, my only good fight. I'm entrapped by your wonders.  And I love you more than I can show. I cherish you more than you could know. I'll always wait for you as you wait for me.
Drinking is a love song, gonna dip my toes in. Fancy another? Have a sip, here goes it. I'm just having fun not living sin. Not sure what happened, guess I must've forget it. Spent my memories in pubs with alcoholic wallets. Hairless dogs, always getting back on it. I'm gonna get out of my head. Here's to the living, here's to the dead. And when I wake up in my bed I'm gonna forget everything that I've said.  Lately everyone has been on my case. And I'm sick of the the things that they say just to try to make me change.  But truthfully I'm sick of my drunk ways. 'Tis true that I have no self esteem. The idea itself is but a dream.  You're the only medicine I need. I know something that'll fix this feeling. Stop feeling down staring at the ceiling. Stare straight through a half full glass. Half empty until the bell rings last. Relax, relax & relapse. Relax, relax & collapse. I need to get myself some help. I've been feeling pretty unwell. I can't do this by myself. Gonna make me a heaven out of this hell. And on the day I finally get this train back on track. Well, my friends you all know that I'll drink to that.  Well, my friends you know I'll drink to that. 
Dream World 03:10
I've found a brick of self respect. These kind souls around me are my cement. My determination I'll resurrect. 'Cause my reality is but a dream world to me. Living a life without the F. Breathing by night all the air that's left. But I can try harder before my death. 'Cause my reality is but a dream world to me. I had no enemies but myself. All my good memories tainted by my drunken spell. Disregarded my loved ones, discarded my health. 'Cause my reality was but a dream world to me.
Slowicyde 04:33
The serpentine mist slowly creeping. Struggling to breathe instead of sleeping. Every day's pledge ends up defeated. Heavy the heart with lungs depleted. Choices clouded by clouds of future death. Sucking seductive fumes 'til nothing's left. Wheezing weakness for our loved one's bereft. Walk through this smoke but it's still a net. Slowly but surely we grow weak & poorly. Playing with fire with an empty desire. Weathered fingers where slow horror lingers. Smoking & choking, the lost super kings. Broken this throat sings, "self damage we bring." Dried leaves of what once belonged to life. Once lived on water & air, now poison is rife. When all that's left is wrong as a right. Living to death is a strange kind of life.
The drunk in me died of thirst.  The good man within destroyed the worst. Stable upon this wagon, I will mend my ways. Been face down in the dirt at my end of days. Sick of feeling sick & sickening you all. Nothing glorious about the drunk man, he just falls From gracious beginnings to loquacious sinning. Fuck you 'drunk me', it's my turn for winning. 
You didn't notice you broke my heart in two. You couldn't know it was you.  Now that you know this, although I still love you. What's left is broken & bruised. I know you know, our final song is playing. Slowly fading.  Do you know?  (Do you know?)  Nothing's gonna change if you stay the same.  Do you know? (Do you know?) If you stay the same nothing's gonna change. Sing it once again. Sing it once again. Nothing's gonna change my mind. Do you know (do you know) our final song? You didn't realise that I was calling out. I whisper, you scream & shout. Is it any wonder that they all had their doubts? Silence thundered so loud.
Movement 04:09
A son & a mother reconcile with each other. Movement. Witnessing honest smiles every once in a while. Movement. A father that suffers just to care for his child. Movement. 'Cause I'm moved. I'm moved by this world. Spinning round & around. At the core there's a girl. The apple of my eye. The Eve that makes me wish I would try. I'm the snake, mistakes, the heartache & the poison in the fruit. I'm moved. I heard a song that made me question my wrongs & my movements. I heard all the words that captured all that I've learned in that moment. The melody tells of broken men that mean well in the chorus. We shared a life so many years ago. We bared a strife yet have no tears to show. Time takes it's time then all of a sudden you're old. One day you become all of the lies you have told.
Never knew that I could feel this way but I promise you from today every little thing will be okay. I'll never stray, I will always stay.  Something tells me this time it's for real. Words & songs just cannot quite fulfil how amazing this feels. I will hold you in my arms. I will always protect our love from harm. Your eyes shine like the stars. No matter how far I'll know you are still in my heart.  You’re my beautiful sunshine on a rainy day & I promise you whatever the weather we’ll be fine. This crazy heart of mine is yours so true.
Moonlighting these thoughts that haunt to no avail.  Soon fighting remorse, night-train's back on the rails. Lost a lot in life but found so very very much. Better holding on than ever giving up. If she wasn't there to love & to hold. To bring me in from the cold 'til we grow old. If I couldn't sing with this strange voice of mine. Play these here strings for kind souls all this time. Perspective.  The day he passed away in the garden. Our hearts all skipped a beat & hardened. A great man to honour, the king of the kingdom. Every praise that I find I promise to sing them. If all of my brothers could not lend an ear. If Father & Mother had not brought me here. If I hadn't passed my heyday to find something more meaningful in this self-obsessed life. Perspective. So when I awake trembling in fear I'll calm my fool’s mind knowing you're still here. The clouds overcast for so many years I'll blow away with smiles & warm happy tears. I'll remember that I can turn this around. This broken little heart-boat could still run aground. I'll pluck up the petals of courage within & make Autumn flowers for all of my sins. Perspective.
Clean Air 03:45
I cannot escape this escapism. I cannot break out of this prison. I cannot mistake my mistakes for anything other than my fault. Cold sweats & freezing in the sunshine. There’s part of my heart I just can’t listen to. Old friends appeasing all of my lies. Oh how I don’t deserve you all. I just need some cleaner air. I do. Holding hands with my liquid demons. I vacate my vacant vessel. Leave him in the hands of my evils. My weakness, my bastard lesser. Living life as a sickly dreamer as I forever burn my lesson. Entrapped within this lost heathen free man. When will I clean this mess up?
My true potential lies in hibernation. I tried to shake him up but I just couldn't wake him. An unquenchable thirst that always comes first. No chorus, just a verse. They've been waiting on the runway waving.  My head buried in the clouds. Are you ready? Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready to land home safely?  They've been lighting up the lighthouse beacons. As my heart weakens alone. Are you ready? Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready to come home from the storm. I've grown embittered, like a dog that’s been bitten & bitten & bitten. I've lost my glitter, my glow has been unwritten. Good days they go so fast. Bleak days how they last. Another empty glass. And I don't make dreams anymore I just make do. And I couldn't wait for the day that I make it through.  I gave up again. Giving up never ends.
Pick Me Up 02:54
When life it gets on top of you & problems try to block the view I will stop it stopping you. I will be there through & true. Together we are brighter than the shadows that ignite the dark. Forever we bring light to all the corners of our broken hearts. This love flows through me so effortlessly. My love you always free me. This is the time to make our stories. I’ll help you find your glory. You are always there to pick me up. So now I’ll be your pick-me-up. And when it all gets hard just look up to the stars. You are always there to give me love. So now I’ll be your pick-me-up. When life tries to trip you up, I’ll be there to pick you up. I will never you give you up. Our love will always rise above.
I have failed all the Seven Seas. I have crawled the ocean bottom free. I leave like the leaves leave the trees. I believe Autumn’s gentle breeze. I find peace within pain. I saw death when I fell asleep. I find love slippery to keep. I find all that I do not wish to seek. I find light in the corners of the bleak. I find peace. I find pain.
Every Time 03:10
Darling if you’re somewhere out there you’ll know that I’m still missing you. And I don’t expect you to care but I remember the magic of me kissing you. Hard break up, yeah I was unfair. Heart ache, this is more than wear & tear. Reminisce of a kiss that I miss. And I have to tell my mind “you do this every time”. Our love got left behind but I can’t forget it & I don’t regret it, every time. It’s like you never wanna leave me even though you left years ago. And if you ever wanna free me baby just pick up the phone. I know I sound a little needy but I’ve never felt a love like this. Reminisce of a kiss that I miss. And I never wanted this love to end. If only we could’ve still been friends. If only we’d made amends.
Lights, camera, action, the cutting room floor. A secretive chain reaction now knocks on my door. Fear it grew like I never knew. We have our fun, yes we do. We have our fun, me & you. With all disregard for the future years. With full disregard for the future tears. Tried in vain to save the fountain of youth. Lied in shame & crave that mountain of truth. Time it flew like I never knew.


For my new solo music I'm trying something a little bit different. I'm writing twenty songs & then choosing my ten favourites to record full-band-style with Mike Curtis at CDS Studios & featuring orchestral elements using real violins, cellos, piano etc.

The other ten will be recorded in the South Western great outdoors in fields & woodland, by rivers & on beaches. This will be accompanied by photography & a video documentary.

The whole writing & demoing process will be on show throughout as I'm really interested to get YOUR feedback on the songs as well as my close friends. This page will feature demo versions of the songs for you to stream & purchase if you wish. All funds raised will go back into the music. You can either purchase each track as & when or buy the whole collection in advance & receive all 20 demo versions throughout the next few months.

The project is entitled Two Sides of the Coin & both album titles will be revealed soon.


released March 23, 2015

Written, performed & recorded by Dave McPherson.


all rights reserved



Dave McPherson Brentwood, UK

Music |ˈmyo͞ozik|
1 the art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Music is my life. An oft-used cliché yet nonetheless true for me. I've devoted most of my existence to exploring it in every way & in turn it has enabled me to travel the world & meet new friends all over.

Hope you like my sounds!
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