Pastels in the Old Trawler - Signed CD Pre-order

from Dave McPherson

Signed CD version of the album Pastels in the Old Trawler.

Dave McPherson - Pastels in the Old Trawler

1. A Care in the World
2. Holds On To Me
3. That Taketh
4. She Won't Beg
5. Quiet Fruits From The Knowledge Tree
6. Bespoke Grace
7. Mama's Raised (Surrogate Others)
8. Nautical Tears
9. The Domestic Accident
10. Dialogue of Silence

Songs written & recorded by Dave McPherson.
Orchestral arrangements & piano written & recorded by Andy Wilson-Taylor.

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Dave McPherson Brentwood, UK

Music |ˈmyo͞ozik|
1 the art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Music is my life. An oft-used cliché yet nonetheless true for me. I've devoted most of my existence to exploring it in every way & in turn it has enabled me to travel the world & meet new friends all over.

Hope you like my sounds!
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