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Death By Sunset

by Dave McPherson

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The sky is dry tonight. So am I tonight. You fly like an eagle and you glide like an angel. You fall like a star. I still think you're beautiful. Like a miracle in black and white. But I still understand your reasons for leaving me. 'Cause I'm untrustworthy. And it's my fault, I miss you. The grass is cold today. This feeling is old today. You're cold like a snowflake. And you're warm like a heartache. And you burn like a sun ray. She drains the poet right out of his heart and soul. But she's always hurting. There's glass in her foot again. When she smiles the truth bends. Or maybe it's all part of the way it was before we started.
It can’t be saved, this love is beyond repair my dear but at least I’m twice the man that I once was.
All things end & now I will only call you ‘friend’.
My heart will not allow the words up through my throat. ‘Cause you walked away, my best wasn’t good enough for you.
I pulled most of the shrapnel from my heart but I left a piece to remind me that… She is the heart juggler but I don’t wear clown makeup or big shoes.
Fire me from the cannon far away from her tightrope.
She promised to never close the door on us but she opens & she slams it as she pleases.
Juggling hearts is a messy business mistress… A trojan horse couldn’t breach the perimeter, do you think people deserve a second chance?
I’ve set a new course, these arms will hold somebody new, it’s a grand ocean that only invites bold sailors. ’Cause you sailed away, you went to Antarctica via the Bermuda Triangle, He followed you into the abyss for the sake of an icy kiss like a dog with his tongue hanging out… It’s cruel to say you love me, my heart is all or nothing.
Put your head upon my chest, The beating has no soul left.
There is so much truth in the space between our words.
It clings to bubbles & rises to the surface,
On an island there’s a circus where she resides…
Outcast 03:36
No-one else can see the ugliest parts of me as closely as I can. My shadow is an addict. Holding on to habits more than I hold your hand. There is a tyrant inside my heart dictating all the parts of me that are clean to let go of my dreams. Bathing in the memories like jellyfish in dead calm seas at dusk. Everything I touch gets stung & every right becomes a wrong. Trust becomes a faded tattoo. I'm not sure where this is going or why this is happening to me. Am I strong or is this armour made of secret dishonesty. I did not mean to hurt you but these things just fall out of my mouth. I'm sorry if I'm ugly beautiful. Please love me for my sins. All the bridges I have burned. I guess this outcast never learns to change. A momentary change of heart that rips my principles apart. It's strange. There is a storm inside my soul breaching through the hull & washing away all of my dreams. Truth be told this vessel's unstable. I think I'm unable. Unable to stay still. But I will see this through. I'll be nothing like you. I will not change my course. And I'll do it all for you. And I'll forget the rest of me. Pillars without a roof. Homeless & lost at sea. My youth drifts away from me. No-one else can see the ugliest parts of me as closely as I can. All the bridges I have burned. I guess this outcast never learns to change.
Bloody and broken. Guilty and selfish. Everybody slags you off now. Were you really meant for this? You can see their skin turn from radiant to grey. But the drugs cry… Won't you say you'll stay. At least stay for today. Boring conversation Change the music every minute Birds mocking you outside Close the blinds tight This is a self-righteous hymn at myself Still the drugs cry...
Fire Opals 03:42
She's always wearing white. She paints her blue utopia with candlelight. Her windows are all steamed up. The catalyst breathes me in. Her eyes are like fire opals. And her heart is a machine. I look through you. It makes me want to cry knowing what I've done to you. So translucent. We danced for the sun. But how could I know you would leave so soon? Isn't it funny how things come around? The ceiling always meets the ground. The cookie always crumbles. The shapes of our lives have spiralled and split. The pendulum's fallen into the pit. Every grain of sand is the beach. No-one can shame you. And no-one can hurt you. And I talked to you for hours about nothing. And I missed you when you said you had to go. And this is all my fault, I should have left. How could I do this to her after all she's done? Now she weeps silently.
Sorry lads 04:49
Yeah, I met this bloke today He looked at me in a very strange way I did nothing, I smiled politely He st-st-stuttered over words he was trying to say And he gave me the evil eye Revealed the fangs behind his smile Oh my, a yellow grin never shone so wicked I wondered what is his problem? Is it my stupid hat or my annoying accent? I know that some people feel that way But this guy did not even give me chance I thought nothing of it But then the same thing happened to me the very next weekend What could it be? Yeah, I thought it was going well But all these guys have got their eyes on my girl Thought it was going swelli The awkwardness of talking to these pricks is hell I suppose you can never tell To discover all the dark secrets, well, oh well I've got news for you, my son I ain't going anywhere I ain't going anywhere I met this prick today He laughed at me silently It seems there's quite a lot of these bitter people Thick as treacle, why don't you get it into your thick skull The hole in your heart will have to be filled elsewhere Is it even still worth filling? I know that you think that you've had it hard We've all got problems, fickle problems to deal with There any problems, problems always have solutions, easy Easy come, easy go Same old songs at a different show is all I know Or so you think Bitter boys, the feeling will dry Waiting for nothing on their own Building up meaningless resentment for something they can't understand My sympathy for your apathy Crybaby, maybe you will learn Whiskey won't save you now Chasing fairytale, bless your tortured soul Bless your tortured soul with muddy puddle water I'm sorry, lads Sorry, lads I ain't going anywhere
You couldn't wait for me, could you dear? You couldn't wait for me to play catch-up. You flew away and left me with clipped wings. I've been licking these wounds for so long. I've been building these new wings so strong. I don't care how far you have flown, you left me all alone. An uncomfortable déjà vu. I told you about the golden frame. Did it hit you hard? Did I leave a scar? I don't know who you are anymore. But don't ever waste your time like I did. Don't ever waste good love like she did. You couldn't lie to me, could you dear? Although you tried to, you couldn't my dear. Your doubts will turn into regret and you'll never forget. I'm not that man, I'm not that man anymore. I'm not your man, I'm not your man anymore. I'm not that man, I don't want to hear about that man anymore. I'm not that weak, I'm not that weak any more. And I've found a girl, I've found my someone else.
Mr Goodchild 03:59
Jump onto the go-kart, take turns to take part. Drinking cold tea, overly sweet dreams. Koi fish and roses will fall but none of us could ever forget it all. Caught in a gold frame. Sit under the archway, fake cough for a sick day. Amethyst on display with Devon cliff clay reflecting the dusty rays. Pickles and fresh vegetables, none of us could ever forget it all. Rush down the blue slide. And we can close our eyes and be there in an instant. And we can stop our hearts but the blood flow is so constant. I constantly think of you and the things I should have said to you. The strongest of handshakes quashes past mistakes. The whitest of hair shines whilst you top me up with fine cheap wine. Snooker balls rolling in tunnels, none of us could ever forget it all. Whistling songs for the birds. Mr Goodchild. Mr Goodchild.
B.S.W.U.E 06:45
What if I could promise you'd never be alone? Would you care? What if I could promise I'd always be there? Would you be there? I'm heading further down but it feels like I'm rising up to the surface. I couldn't give anymore, more to you so my dear, how dare you walk in here? I couldn't love you anymore, love you more, so my dear, how dare you walk in here? Two days have passed now & I still miss you like crazy. The past & the present & my future are changing. We were winning last century. I've got one thing left, one thing left to say to you. I want nothing from you now at all. You light up my world with colour and feeling. I don't want to fall but I'll fall with you & I'll leave when you want me to. I dream of your voice 'cause I don't have a choice & I'll bleed when you want me to.
Just because I'm unstable doesn't mean I'm incapable It doesn't mean I'm not saveable All the boys say and all the girls say Don't you think you've had enough? I must be greedy, greedy Simply greedy in the grand old English way You seem to think that I'm arrogant But you don't see me behind closed doors Climbing the walls feeling so insignificant I know, I know I can get a little bit complacent All the boys say and all the girls say That guy thinks he's something else Maybe I'm timid and lately you're intimidating me Socially frigid in the grand old English way I fall from grace every single day Just so that you can't possibly hurt me I'm grinning in my own stupid little way 'Cause my smile disgusts you Get irrationally jealous, misguidedly zealous Overtly precious in the grand old English way
Call it curiosity but I really want to see this thing through The so-called music industry spat me out and I left a bad taste in it's mouth It's big, whore-like mouth Pub gigs and sporadic tours get me by but I cannot let go of the dream So I put my head down Put a pen to paper Couple hours later, got another expendable song And it goes just like this... And time, time's running out I'm getting older and I have nothing to show for myself But I still honour my art And this is just the start of another unrealistic adventure I don't do regrets The past yields no threats All these mistakes I will sing from my chest Singing out loud Pressing my fingers down on the steel strings It's just one of those things Say what you want of me, I have heard it all before The so-called trustworthy worthlessly exploited only the worst of me I once knew a ghost who could keep the heart afloat but then the tides changed. The ghost became a storm then the storm became a kraken cracking my stern. The olde chanty goes… And I get pretty shy when people all rendezvous around me And I will never figure this all out, every time always feels just like the it was the first time And I get pretty scared when the moments pass by before I get the chance to greet them But it doesn't mean I'm lazy just because you hate your job I never wanted you to hate me, I still don't know what I did wrong And if this, if this isn't what I'm born for, then where do I belong? 'Cause this, this is what I dreamt of when I was just a little lad It makes me feel so strong
The Thieves 03:32
The thieves are always just around the corner. The thieves are always everywhere at once. Here they come to take away anything they can get their hands on. Sentimental value disregarded. The thieves outside your garage fondling crowbars. My guitars and your custom cars awaiting. Here they come to take away anything they can get their hands on. All your time and hard work disregarded. Take a trip, take a trip down memory lane. Think of the things you've lost but all the strength that you've gained. All of the trauma, all of the loss and all of the pain. It's not a touch on all the strength that you've gained. The thieves, they stole straight from my bank account. And the thieves, they took one of my greatest friends away. Because the thieves aren't always obvious, life itself is a thief. And drink and drugs and hate and love. The thieves prefer to pray in the silence. Never afraid to wield excessive violence. Even time is a thief, it takes away everyone you want to save. Are you prepared to lose it all and continue? The thieves helped me to deal with the change.


This album is a compilation of all my favourite solo songs that didn't make the final cut of 'The Hardship Diaries'. People had been requesting a live style album for some time so it was recorded with no overdubs. Just one guitar & a voice.


released October 19, 2011

Written & performed by Dave McPherson.
Recorded by Dave Shalloe at Ctreative Studios.


all rights reserved



Dave McPherson Brentwood, UK

Music |ˈmyo͞ozik|
1 the art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Music is my life. An oft-used cliché yet nonetheless true for me. I've devoted most of my existence to exploring it in every way & in turn it has enabled me to travel the world & meet new friends all over.

Hope you like my sounds!
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